Pickled products

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Tasty pickled products can add spice to meals and snacks. Pickling is a process of preserving food, usually fruits or vegetables, with salt,vinegar or both.

There are four general types of pickled products.

1) Brined or fermented pickles go through a curing process in a brine solution (salt and water) for up to 3 weeks or longer. Cucumbers and cabbage are the vegetables commonly brined. Curing changes the color of cucumbers from bright green to an olive or yellow green. The interior of the cucumber becomes translucent. The texture and flavor of these pickles are more difficult to control than the fresh packed ones.

2) Fresh pack or quick process pickles are made by combining recipe ingredients (with or without heating) and processing right away. Sometimes the produce may be brined for several hours before combining with the pickling liquid and processing. These have the best flavor if allowed to stand for several weeks after processing.

3) Fruit pickles are made of whole fruits simmered in a spicy sweet-sour syrup that includes vinegar or lemon.

4) Relishes are made from chopped fruits and vegetables cooked in a spicy vinegar solution.


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